Top 10 Festival Accessories.

Posted on: July 8, 2016
Posted by: Dusty

Music festivals are popping up all around our awesome state. Whether you are going to a single day festival or a three day extravaganza, these “Top Ten” festival accessories are a must have to insure a good time.

IMG_308210. Blank/Tarp. A small blanket or tarp comes in pretty handy during long festival days. Take one to sit on, or sit on the ground and use the tarp as shade or an umbrella. Some festivals even allow folding chairs. Check the festival’s rules to make sure you know what is and what is not allowed. Bonus points if you combine your blankets with friends and make a comfortable area for yourselves.

9. Plastic Baggies. Don’t learn the hard way about the importance of a plastic bag. Keep a couple in your pack in order to protect your phone, money, and other important items from getting wet. I use a plastic sandwich bag as my festival wallet. It consists of my I.D., cash, and a credit card. It’s light, easy, and waterproof. Bonus points if you bring a lot of one dollar bills. Vendors will love you.

8. Bandanna.  The bandanna is a multi-purpose tool in your festival arsenal. Dip it in ice water (or have the vendor do it) for a quick cool down. Keep sweat out of your eyes from all your dancing. Wrap it around your cold drink for a handy coozy. Bonus points if you wear it like an old cowboy and give Jason’s donkey a bath.

7. Pull String Backpack. They are light, easily accessible, and hold all your stuff. Put your phone in your backpack with everything else. Drop all your worries and enjoy the events happening in front of you. Don’t pay all that money just to watch your small screen all day. Bonus points if you buy merch early and put it in your bag. This will guarantee more selection and your favorite shirt won’t be sold out in your size.

6. Hair Ties. This one is for the ladies and dudes with long hair. Don’t forget your hair ties. Keep that hair pulled up to stay cool. Bonus points if you shoot them at your friends.

5. Gold Bond. Festivals are usually outdoors and in warmer months. It is going to be hot, humid, and unrelenting. There is going to be a lot of sweating and rubbing. Areas will be moist and irritated. Gold Bond helps a lot-before and after. Bonus points if you get the powder and not the spray can. It is a little more messy, but not as surprising as the canned version.

4. Sunglasses. It is going to be a bright day, all day, everyday. No one likes squinting all day. Plus all your selfies will look horrible with squinty eyes. Bonus points if you get the cheaper pair. They will probably break anyway and you won’t feel as bad.

3. Hand Sanitizer.  This item is hard to remember to bring, but everyone is grateful to the person who brought it. When you are out and about at the festival you will get hungry and you will have to use the dreaded Porta Potties. This is where hand sanitizer becomes crucial. Bonus points if you get a nifty holder for it.

2. Sunscreen. It is rare to attend any outdoor event without sunscreen. Festivals are no different. You are going to be sitting outside for hours, usually in the sun. Shade is very coveted and rare.  You can always tell by the second day who did not bring sunscreen; it is a must.  Not only is it good for your skin, but a bad sunburn will ruin your experience and leave you with a bad feeling towards Festivals. Also remember that sunscreen does not last all day, and you should re-apply every few hours.  Make sure to check the festival rules about sunscreen. Some festivals do not allow the aerosol spray cans, only the lotion kind. Bonus points if you remember the tops of your feet and the back of your neck. I am talking to all you long haired people again.

1. Reusable Water Bottle. This one should be a no brainer. The average person rarely drinks their recommended amount of water per day, let alone the amount of water you need to stay happy at a festival. It is summer, it is hot, and this is the most sweating you have done since you tried that new hot sauce. Drink water before, during, and after every show. You can not drink too much water in this instance. The sun, the heat, the alcohol, and the walking around will all contribute to dehydration or heat exhaustion. The festival is no fun at the first aid tent. Bonus point if you are the person with the camel back full of water.

These items are the ones I have discovered through trials and tribulations over the years of my festival experience.  The goal is to stay cool, hydrated, and worry free. Listen to the performers and enjoy your time. These artists have put in countless hours, driven hundreds of miles, and perfected their songs for your entertainment. Be a good audience and enjoy the show. I will see you at the next one.