The Kills at Headliners Music Hall

Posted on: April 13, 2016
Posted by: Dusty

by: Kendra Portwood  Twitter & Instagram: @mmmKeedar

     Unaware of what was happening, I just became obsessed with The Kills. Alison Mosshart is a siren; she beckons to her audience, pulling strangers together in constant rhythm. It is impossible to gaze elsewhere while her body moves likeimage1 (5) a crashing wave with every sound coming from Jamie Hince’s guitar. Their lyrics call across a packed venue, tugging feet dangerously close to the stage, becoming lost like sailors at sea. I surrender myself to her words, leaving my mind stuck in the wreckage I hope never to return from.  Their sound is like an Electronic affliction with no known cure. I encourage you to surrender yourself. The audience sang along as Mosshart and Hince serenaded us with ‘Doing it to Death’, a tragically upbeat record off their new album Ash & Ice, (Released on June 3, 2016).  Mosshart and Hince are a beautifully put together duo formed circa 2002 with an ever evolving sound. In one night I became an enthusiast in lust with their on-stage chemistry and hypnotic riffs. Without a doubt you will be too.

     Headliners Music Hall is a venue I can’t get enough of. It is so wonderfully laid out, even while waiting at the bar for a beverage or standing on the balcony, you won’t miss a moment of the show. Not only do they feature local musicians from our area but also acts from across the nation have appeared on their stage bringing in an audience from surrounding states. The lighting and sound give the vibe of an arena production but in a more intimate setting. Unlike most shows I’ve attended in bars and smaller venues, Headliners has the benefit of a barrier between the audience and stage preventing that really annoying drunk guy and his frieimage2 (1)nds from standing in front of the musicians and talking to them between songs like they expect to have some beautiful bonding experience but really he’s ruining the show for everyone (you know who you are). Entry into this type of setting will cost a little more than what one would pay to see live music at a smaller venue, however, the quality and experience more than makes up for it. Check out their website for upcoming events. I

Until next time- Listen local!