Episode 142: April 3rd – 10th 2018 (Shawn everyone, everyone Shawn)

Posted on: April 3, 2018
Posted by: Dusty

For the month of April we have set up camp at the West 6th Greenroom in downtown Lexington. Our guest host this month is none other than Shawn Gannon. It is his birthday this month and the only thing greater than his sense of style is his taste in music. He is involved in Soulful Space, the Origin of Jazz Series, and books for events in the Summit. On this episode we get to the hard facts of life like the Notorious RGB workout and whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich. We also get to hear the Blackfoot Gypsies and Dr. Dog. They are playing in Kentucky this week. April is going to be fun, stay tuned, and thanks for the listen.