Episode 141: March 27th – April 3rd 2018 (I Heart Ramblin’ Robbie)

Posted on: March 27, 2018
Posted by: Dusty

We have had quite a few guest hosts on our show over the years. Robbie Morgan is one of my favorites. She has many plates spinning in the music industry like booking for the Whiskey Bear, co-owner of White Space Records, operator of the Lexington Musicians Emergency Fund, and she sings with The Binders. Her behind the scene guidance of  the Lexington music scene has encouraged better treatment of artists and the growth of engaging crowds. She also picks out great music. We preview The Black Angels and PINK for this week’s show.  A big thanks to the Whiskey Bear for letting us crash at their place for the month of March. Haley and I look forward to bringing you a new guest host at a new location for the month of April. Thanks for the listen.