Episode 138: March 6th-13th 2018 (Hello Robbie Morgan)

Posted on: March 6, 2018
Posted by: Dusty

Another month means a new guest host at a new location. We are excited to have Robbie Morgan for our guest host during the month of March. I will never know how she found time to sit down and record all the shows with us. She is part of Whitespace Records, the Lexington Emergency Musicans’ Fund, sings for The Binders, and books for the Whiskey Bear Bar, where we just so happen to be for the month of March. She has a vast knowledge of the music industry, excellent advice for those who want to be in it, plus an ear for good music. This week we preview music by FuzzCuzz, Raleigh Dailey, and KRS-One.  This is only week one.