Episode 120: Oct 31st – Nov 7th 2017. (Happy Halloween)

Posted on: October 31, 2017
Posted by: Dusty

We know you have plans tonight so this one is a good short one. Thank you to MOJOTHUNDER for guest hosting October. May your rock be heard and felt throughout KY. Thank you to Pivot Brewing for letting us crash at your place for a couple of hours and enjoy your delicious brews. We had tons of fun this month previewing shows, talking venues, and listening to some awesome bands. This week’s show is no exception. Coming to you live this week in KY includes Ben Folds and of course MOJOTHUNDER! (If you didn’t say that band name in your head like monster truck announcer, then you haven’t been paying attention.) Stay tuned for next week as we introduce a new guest host at a new location. Its always a good time. Thanks for the listen.