Ep:145 April 24th – May 1st 2017 (Lessons by Shawn)

Posted on: April 24, 2018
Posted by: Dusty

Listening to Shawn Gannon this month has been eye opening. He has encouraged the growth of the music scene by advocating for the fair treatment of artists, booking diverse music, and by being one of the friendliest guys you could know. If you’re like me, you have taken a lot notes. Check out Shawn’s continuing work with the Origin of Jazz Series and Soulful Space to keep up with some incredible music coming to Lexington. Thank you to Shawn Gannon for crashing with us during April’s shows. Also, thank you to the West 6th Green Room for letting us squeeze in all the episodes and for all the good beer you make. In case you don’t listen, we preview Broncho, and Chicano Batman this week. Go see some shows!